Meet Studiochic


STUDIOCHIC was founded in Los Angeles over a decade ago to serve the luxury market with unique, avant-garde pieces.  Our original designs at once caught the eyes of some of the most discerning buyers around the country.  In short order, STUDIOCHIC products were sold in the most exclusive luxury department stores, boutiques, hotels and interior design houses around the globe.

Since then, STUDIOCHIC has expanded its market reach by creating products with mass appeal.  However, rooted in our luxury beginnings, we remain committed to high quality from the first thread to the final finish. 

From our modest beginnings to today’s expanded global capabilities we have built a solid reputation among our customers and suppliers as leaders of quality fabrications and distinctive styles.  Our keen eye for design, color, and quality has been a part of the company’s DNA from the start and a badge of honor we wear proudly.  Vast overseas manufacturing resources, global logistics capabilities and stylish products allow us to reach millions of homes across the globe. 

We are a growing woman-owned company supported by a dedicated and hardworking global team.