STUDIOCHIC inspires a life of comfort and style for every home with products that meet our luxury-rooted standards of quality and expertise.





Color sets the mood!  Our designs are inspired from near and far.  Through simple strolls in nature to travels around the globe, we are constantly inspired and continue to offer you our most impassioned and exciting collection of products yet!


Getting Color Just Right


Color is essential to design.  It evokes mood and makes all the difference in the final look of a product.  For every yarn, weave and fabric we select, we work closely with skilled dye houses to translate colors accurately.  Whether inspired by nature, a spool of yarn or paint chip, we work and rework each color until it is just right.


The Art of Weaving


All our fabrics are woven to our specifications.  We specify the yarn, construction, and finish until the fabrication is exactly what our creative team had envisioned.  Guided by our expert eye and seasoned hands, rolls of supple plushes, intricate jacquards, velvety chenilles, and luxurious faux furs transform into beautifully crafted products.


Quality Standards


At STUDIOCHIC we have our own quality assurance teams right at the factories to ensure our high standards and superior quality are brought to bear on each and every product.  We have built strong working partnerships with our overseas teams based on trust and consistency.




From small scale to global volume, we’ve successfully ramped up our operations to meet the demands of mass production.  We deliver large-scale results with proven worldwide distribution and shipping.